Hey guys, how was your streak going on, I am here to share something with you guys, so i was dating a girl since 2week in this two week i got night fall,nasty thought, distraction from studies and many more i doesn’t love her and or you can say fake love , idk why i get nasty thought toward her, like seeing her body figure make me horny, or you can say its an sexual attraction nothing more , i feel really bad i try to control on my self but still I got nasty, whenever i got nasty thought i distract my mind, but after 3-4 min i got again nasty thought, nd she loves me alot, she cares about me, nd i doesn’t want to do that stuff and destroy her life and me aswell, She is biggest obstacle in nofap journey, please guys help me to take out from this situation, and ya bc of that my brain fog is increasing :pensive:

Edit- we are in the relationship in last year and I’m not at nofap journey, in 2-4 week i ended that relationship, now again we are in the relationship i don’t want to make her sad,

Ik my English too bad but plz adjust

Thank you for your time
Have a good day

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Bro if you really respect her that much then why do you let your mind hink like that about her? If the girl cares for you then you too care for her you punish yourself with 20 push-ups every time your mind gives you those thoughts. You talk to her with respect and love and control yourself. And remember you love the girl but you shouldn’t be attached to her. If you can’t control yourself then confess it to her and you would feel better.


Thanks for your suggestion man :slight_smile:

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