Relapsing! help!


I feel like i am going to relapse soon! I have strong urges coming from every angle of my body only to j**z to some fantasy i had in the morning when i had big urges, which led to searching for nudity on my computer. I have already relapsed mentally, and my mind feels like it is being fried. So whenever I try to focus on my tasks, it gets harder for abstain from this temptation of looking at naked women, where most pictures are photoshoped just to look elegantly. There is so much tension in my private area right now.

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Cold showers and hard ass workout to stop immediate urge. Try to change your point of view of women over time. They cant be objects. Keep trying. You can do it. Everyone in here has or is feeling the same. Find strength in that. Keep going.


I’m with you guy I’ve been there alot lately keep strong my friend focus sleep well and work out the the gym.


Yeah well to late for that unfortunately. 21 days and back to 0 but I will of course never give up.