Relapsing everyday, out of control

Guys I’m relapsing everyday on porn
Without it I’m sad and empty, with it, I have an escape for 5 minutes.

Idk how to live my life, where to start, I’m not comfortable in my home not in my room.

I’m a mess, it’s like I don’t want to put efforts into things, as everything seem like I have to suffer so much to gain a very small progress. Everything seems hard.

Some major points:

  • I’m living with my parents but not comfortable with that
  • I opened up too much to 3 guys, like I told them pretty much everything, just not my bank account. 2 are in real life and one online.
  • I’m going to therapy but I feel lost as always, been going 7 months
  • I go to gym, it’s been 5 months, no progress, my stomach and my head kills me while working out and after working out that I can’t drive some times.
  • I have part time job, it pays enough for me to spend on my needs, but I don’t like it, (this is the last month)

I think I gave up on nofap,
I’m writing here because I don’t feel good about myself and my life. Let’s see what you got

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U seriously need to take a chill pill.
You’re overexerting yourself by forcing yourself to do nofap. It should not be like that. Take a good long break for as long as you want, in that break don’t think about nofap or anything related to nofap. Don’t focus on self improvement, Dont think of this community.
Continue your life routine as regularly only without this community and self improvement.
After you feel confident, come back, confess and start happily with no regrets.