Relapsing but not because urges

Possible health issues? I dont really have urges and can go nofap for days unless…

Here is thing sometimes I got aroused and u got strong blue balls and it lasts for hours, lower belly hurts and balls are crazy sensitive to touch. I managed couple times sleep through it or just wait it out couple hours but it seems to coming back day later and hurt again. Sometimes it goes away with sex (but sex is not enjoyable when you have blue balls ) other times I just relapse. It seems as only cause of relapse for me.

And yes, two days ago I tried to drink lot, breathing exercises etc… still didn’t work out and relapsed. Immediately after relapsing pain started slowly disappearing and in half hour was gone. I don’t need to fap again, and I don’t really have urge to fap now either.

Relapsing only when blue balls.

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Hold your balls and breathe into them.

What I mean is push energy from your balls to your head. So do WIM HOF BREATHING.

Here, I changed your life. Thank me later.