Relapsed / trail and error

Hi everyone
I was in a streak of 10 days my maximum streak is 30 days
Last night i relapsed by 11 pm
Again twice in morning by 10 am and 11 am
And finally found why i got urges
I had some shit curiosity to know about some porn actress two days back once i enter into their profile i came across triggering statements, gifs, videos
Later on my curiosity leads to know about what all other actress doing. For the past two days i was doing this
But after the relapse i found that the initial thought to know about some actress is my basic trigger.
What if i focus my curiosity toward learning more about work, gym, getting more social maybe girlfriends
Just because of my wrong path i had relapsed
Now i realized what mistake i did i will work towards how to avoid those mistakes

Cheers :clinking_glasses: fapastronats!
Hope to achieve more successful days in my life
One day i ll cross all the hurdles
Porn : Impossible
Me: Is that so…


I know what you feel, brother. I’ve got something similar, but rather about outfits. Cosplay, fashion etc. - any arousing outfit. I just want to see how would a woman / girl looks like in it. And that often leads to the urge. Urge leads to PMO.

Hope you can correct your mistakes and got a new, higher streak!