Relapsed today, reason is wierd

Today I was confident , say I was overconfident and started watching porn . I was edging and start to rub my dick. As I was about to cum but I shut down the phone and went to watch TV…still didn’t fap. Then suddenly I felt this small pain in my epididymis (where sperms are stored)
Now I thought since I was edging so much these days my those pipes were block which was causing that mini pain in my balls. So I decided to fap but with no porn so that I can clean them.

I don’t know if I did the right thing but now I m feeling very light but lazy.

Lesson learned from my perspective : don’t do edging as it makes the sperm level rise up and block the doorway.

Anyways I will rise up again but this time I will try hardmode . With no edging and porn.


I know this is a nofap community and not noporn but honestly I think in this situation it is better to just mo without porn. Porn is the real problem, not saying faping twice a day is healthy but it seems to me when people make masterbation as evil as porn then when they relapse they think they may as well look at porn because their both equally bad. Im 100% certain that we can stop looking at porn but I don’t think as men we can get rid of our sexual urges, nor should we. Semen retention to me is about getting supposed “superpowers”, not so much about quitting porn in fact I think it makes it harder because they haven’t seperated porn from masterbation in their minds. I have been trying for years to quit porn but because I tried to stop mo at the same time I couldnt make it past 3 days and I would end up pmoing to the most extreme types of porn. Since I stoped being ashamed of masterbation I have gone 7 days with out almost any thought of porn, this after 15 years of porn use (I have been trying to quit on and off for years now). We all have unique cases so what works for me might not work for you but I highly recommend the pornfree Subreddit.

And yeah no matter what you do quit edging, it’s so destructive. I wish you well I hope I haven’t upset you, ultimately this is your journey and you need to make your own choices.


Very similar thing happened to me as well. Started watching some porn and rubbing which I was able to resist recently. The pain is there for me as well.

Now we know why they said noPMO. I’m gonna start right where I left because I certainly felt not superpowers but the benefits like energy and trying to talk to girls which I mostly avoid while fapping constantly

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@Veritas312 I totally agree with you. Semen retention makes us special from an average fapper. Thank you for your advice .

@qqagain yup , PMO is real , stop edging and grab those benefits :muscle:
p.s I also feel very confident in approaching girls while on nofap. These benefits are for everyone I guess :raised_hands::joy:

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