Relapsed this morning

So I relapsed this morning after 2 days. The longest I went last year was a week. I know thhis is going to be a difficult and long journey but I’m starting to see how tapping has hindered my potential to be a better person. If anyone can give me advice on how they get through it or anything that can help please I’m asking for guidance. I just found this app today and it’s pretty cool with the time and a growing community. Thank you again

  1. Be 100% commited. Theres no turning back. Make steps forward, not backwards.
  2. Your will try to find excuses for relapse like reaching certain milestone or looking for a relief… Remember that these moments are crucial. No urges periods are like walking in the park. Times when you get cravings, get triggered are the most important for your recovery. This is when you can show who is the boss, test your will and self-discipline.
  3. Use urge killers like cold showers, workout , drinking water, self-talk etc.
  4. Whenever you are about to relapse, check NF App to remind yourself why you do this.

Stay strong and good luck.


Some similar things as latenobash said

for me, a kind of three point plan works pretty well.
I differentiate between what to do if (and it definitely will :sweat_smile: ) an urge occurs and how to prevent urges in the first place (I think that just powering trought the urges with pure will power won’t lead you far)
It could look like that:

When urge occurs
(choose something that comes as easy as possible to you because you should do that instead of jerking off. I personally no that it would take me too much effort to take my jacket and go out after every urge. But I like the screaming and walking around stuff)

  • immediately scream NO to the urge (in my mind, i don’t wanna look like a weirdo in front of my room mates :smile: )
  • immediately standing up and walk around
  • taking cold showers
  • exercising
  • going out for a walk

long term urge prevention

  • preventing everything that triggers an urge (you have to figure that out for yourself. Can be anything from places, situations, activities…)
  • Writing a To do list with all the stuff I wanna do and also have to do. (also things like not watching YouTube for 2 consecutive days or reading in my book). This gives you REAL reward. My brain starts to relearn how it really feels to achieve something. And it feels much better than ■■■■
  • summary of all achieved points every evening
  • “do nothing” meditation

:see_no_evil: sorry it got a bit longer than I expected.
Nice to have you here!

Delete ur history restart journey with 0 relapses that would help u