Relapsed on 7th day,no motivation

I relapsed on 7th day
I am feeling low , no motivation , irritated, i thought I will at least reach the streak of 21
I don’t know what to do
What can I do more which I didn’t did this time
May be it’s because of stress due to exams

I wasted my 4 years ,my memory became blunt , I can’t talk to girls, anyone
I am disappointment
I have goals I wanna achieve them ,but what stopping me is mother fuker me ,PMO

My dopamine game is porn ,hentai , YouTube , game
I wasted my day’s , year’s all in trash

I started watching extremely violent porn and thought of doing them in real life comes too

I want to be Normal i don’t want to be pedophile
I imagine women’s near me naked having sex

I tried lot of times quitting PMO but falied every time

PlZZZ HELP ME PLZZZ :cold_sweat::sob:


I’m too struggling with this pmo addition and i have also realised that it is extremely hard to overcome, especially in the environment and the lifestyle you got addicted to it.
I made some good streaks before like 12 days,17 days,37 days and so on.Currently, I’m in day 2 and still struggling hard with lust.
But i have also realised that we cannot overcome the vices in our mind if we do not change the input we give to our mind and also the people we associate with and the surroundings we live in.If you truly want to save your life,and can do anything to get out porn and masterbation addiction,then first of all you must come in company of good people (more better if they are devotees of God).
If you have heard of iskcon,then try to visit an iskcon centre in your locality(if you wanna save your life then you must not say that you are an atheist and can’t go there,life is the biggest thing and you must do anything to save yourself).
You can make friends with devotees there and associate with then daily,and along side also cultivate spiritual knowledge.
Chant hare krishna be happy,if you want to save your life.

P.S. i hope you will follow what i suggested to you,and my only request to u is that please pray for me, I’m suffering from ocpd and is hard to handle it.

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I will work on suggestions , will update on my progress

May God bless and help :pray: you with your condition
Hare Krishna

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