Relapsed need help!

i just relapsed! feeling like shit! i think will be forever trapped in this hell, i was just reading forums and i read people relapsing and edging on their 150+ streaks and i don’t know what happened some voice starred in my brain you are not that far yet, u can have a peek one last time it was so irritating and gets worse i downloaded telegram and looked at those filth again. but this time it was very different i ejaculated very early earlier i was used to do pmo while edging so that i can keep on watching for hours but this time it happened too fast. is this symptoms of ED? Or it because of i was thinking too much and i was scared too.
am i going to be bad at bed?
please i neec serious help. i want to quit it for good.

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I relapsed on day 4 and i don’t think i can get over it my exams are coming and i can’t focus a bit

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The thing u used to relapse daily , now u don’t , u relapse once in a while,
That’s a fckn achievement

U used to watch alot of porn, now you dont watch that frequently

That’s a fckn achievement

So see this fckn achievement, it’s working
Don’t give up, at some point it will be hard
But believe in yourself, you’re on the right path
God bless you man


What kind of help you need?
It seems you do not understand the science of nofap. Don’t panic. Read books like ’ your brain on porn’ first. Relapses will occur till we don’t understand our root problem.
You can join ’ Mentorship University '. This is the group I made where you will have support and knowledge both.


Thanks bro!
will i be able to reach goals like 90 days streak? it’s juts seem like a u achievable mountain to me.

i just need someone to talk to openly whenever i feel urges I haven’t shared this addiction of mine with anyone yet because i don’t trust anyone . i think they will not understand my problem and tag me as pervert or looser and mostly i am scared because of i am going to be married in next few months.


No one is judging you here. We all are going through this. Before you start trying to achieve streaks you have to know the root problem, where the addiction arose.
Read the post I have posted in Mentorship University today, as one of the member had just relapsed.
Don’t get attracted to streaks now because you’ll go all guns blazing and then you’ll relapse and then you’ll feel guilty and this guilt will again make you relapse. This is a cycle. Read the book ‘easypeasy’ online.

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