Relapsed: I swear my trigger is my phone

Does anyone know to uninstall Google Chrome in my phone because Android only allow me to disable it? I felt disappointed and hopeless because I thought I could beat my first 7 Days. :cry:

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Deleting the app is not an option on most devices sadly, however you can install a different browser app like SPIN browser, which blocks all sites that are potentially triggering. These sites include Reddit, Pinterest etc. If you set this browser as default, it will introduce a bigger barrier between you and your potential triggers.


The only way I know of is to buy a Chinese phone that will work wherever you live because Google services are blocked in mainland China as part of their firewall so their Android phones can’t generally be pre loaded with play store or other Google apps (altho they can often be added yourself).

This comes from personal experience as I own a Chinese phone, it’s in English and I have both the play store and the app store that came with it.

Weather you want to go to that much trouble is another thing lol, but it might be an idea

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@Doombaby Wow, great info. Very interesting indeed :+1:

@Aoshigreen you’re welcome, that being said it’s something that needs to be researched a bit before committing, because Chinese phones also have their quirks compared to those available in your local store.

Mine is a honor note 8 (not to be confused with Samsung lol) got it a couple of years ago mostly because it has a 6.6 inch 2k display and at the time there weren’t too many phones available over 6 inch, and the fact it was near top of the line almost flagship spec but only $550aud was just icing on the cake (many Chinese phones represent excellent value for the specs you get, quality is hit and miss though) …

The catch was it was only sold in China, got it from ebay but even so I’ve had mixed luck with Chinese ebay sellers (in general) .

One also has to check the frequency bands for your carrier and area against what the phone comes with, being a honor (part of Huawei) it was In mandarin but had English available, not all have it though cos some are only intended for China and maybe India / African markets at most and will only have those languages loaded. Also things like weather you can load play store (some can some can’t), how much bloat it comes with and if it can be removed and weather the manufacturer updates their software are also things to look into.

In my case aside from a couple of built-in apps only in Chinese (nothing really important) and the unfamiliar brand I dont notice or loose anything with this phone, I have full 3/4g coverage and it looks / feels well built, have had it a couple of years now and still going strong, had updates to Android 7/8 as they came out along with patches in between, still can push a couple of days from the battery and not having any lag issues some others have with older devices. The other point relevant to this topic is that Google anything and everything is optional, everything from Chrome to play store can be removed (or not installed in the first place), the trade being Huawei has their own app store (part English part Chinese) included which can’t be removed.

In contrast I also have a Chinese tablet, teclast x80pro, works well overall but feels cheap all round, gets no updates, battery is real mediocre, feels like it’s going to melt away on me when the CPU is loaded, has real iffy WiFi reception / Bluetooth likes to drop out and the built-in speaker picks and chooses when it wants to work. Got it at the time (about 3 years ago) mainly as an ebook reader and for the odd game here and there so most of the quirks are a non issue (considering the $120aud price tag) but this is the other end of the spectrum of stuff that comes out of china.

I am the same as you. Here are my advices:

Install two blocking apps. I use Stay Focused - AppBlock and AppBlock. Simultaneously. Block every app which has potential for destroying your streak.

List of apps that I block:
Youtube, Google Movie, messenger, chrome, email client, OneDrive, Google Drive, system browser, Google Service & Search Engine, samsung store, google app store.

I limmit my access to some apps, because I have to use them but I know they van trigger me:
Telegram, whatsapp, instagram.

I don’t recommend SPIN browser in your case, because you can download any app with it.

After blocking the apps above I also block my access to phone settings.
Also, Stay Focused app has a Strict Mode. It prevent you from changing any settings and unblock.