Relapsed😕😕.... don't know what to do

I don’t know what’s happening to me… whenever I sleep at night…I relapse unconsciously…I’m just tired of it… whenever I sleep during the day time…it never happened…What should I do?..I just wanna sleep during the night time… Whenever I relapsed…it was always during the night time…

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I think you are talking about Night Fall because without you conscious you can not Relapse. It is normal if you’re having Night fall because your body is use to masturbate daily and when you suddenly stop it…the body react in such a way.
Don’t be afraid of it. I suggest to take cold shower before Sleep, it will help you alot.
I hope this will help you. :pray:

Ah yeah I’ve heard that, it’s a sign of severe masturbation addiction that your body have get used to ejaculate everyday so when you stop, it will still ejaculate.

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But I believe it could be healed

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Yeah bro! Relapse = consciouly you are throwing the attempt to rewire out the window.
Night falls = unconscious ejection of excess semen while sleeping
If you did not make it happen by your actions, ie you jerked yourself, it is not a relapse. So just chill out and keep moving. This stage will pass with time and the body will learn what to do with the excess semen. :smile::smile:
Also, I second the tip about cold showers right before sleep. It considerably helps in getting better sleep and reducing anxiety, falling asleep faster, relieve stress etc. Also focus on your feet. Wash your feet in cold water. It feels good and relaxing. :relieved:

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Really? Cold shower could make you fall asleep faster? I gotta try it

Hello bro🤠
Well if it is night fall then you should watch some YouTube videos and note down those tips and practice those…

In some cases people see some bad dream and start masturbating half sleep half awaken…
In that case you should have patience keep doing no pmo it will go away with time.

If semen loss is excessive through nightfall…
Then you should seek medication…
Once it happened to me and I bought a homeopathic medicine and it worked with no side effects…

There are medicines for stop masturbation as well…but one should try to stay from them… until it is the last option… if you feel like you should try them out

All the best​:pray::pray::pray::om::om:


It’s not night fall… it’s a normal masturbation…My hand wasn’t in my control…it was like it had a brain of it’s own…

No it isn’t a nightfall

The thing is I also heard about it. It is like sleep walking. Some stuff we act out in our dreams. Also read about guys having sex with someone in their sleep and knew nithing about it untill they either wake up durning the experience or when being told the next morning.

I don’t have a perfect cure for it maybe avoid day time naps in order to get sleep in only in the evenings. You could also cuddle a extra pillow to hold your hands busy. Taking sleep pills very risky but it should help to neutralize you in doing it.

This is what I think will help. Good luck man and stay strong and awesome !

In my case biggest reason for relapse is mobile use and late night chatting with opposite gender

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Hey @snehilsiddhartha! Well, you are suffering from sexsomnia! A condition where sexual acts are commited during sleep.

It usaully happens in the light stages of sleep. Or some in the deep sleep state and you are not aware of it or get aware of it due to waking up or by the end where you ejaculated.

This happens due to sex dreams, but it ain’t the main cause, they also mentioned stress , traumatic experiences may also be a cause of it.

Any stress the body avoids and with masterbation being so relaxing and pleasurable, it kinda relieves your stress. So in the end your body initiates masterbation when you don’t have full control of yourself and also not as aware in what you are doing…

They mention possible therapy for it is needed if you might have a traumatic experience. Also anti-stress stuff like meditation, relaxing teas or exercise need to be done to cut stress out of your life. Also sleep medication to deepen your sleep could also be used. Sadly you are going to consult a doctor for this. … hope this helps more sorry about the link to the article I forgot which one I read as it explained it the best . Sadly my phone didn’t safe it in the history it was acting up again at that time. :roll_eyes:

Hope you can find an article about it that might contain better tips on how to beat it!