Relapsed at day 27

I relapsed at day 27
Was going to do no fap for this whole year but i failed
And my life is a big failure now
You know what was the reason of my relapse?
It was an advertisement of undergarments of women
I skipped that ad
I don’t know what happened that skip button lead me to the page of those garments on Instagram
There was huge soft porn
Just by seeing that pic my brain got triggered and ejaculation happened automatically
I didn’t even touched my “D”
This is a huge problem for me :sob::broken_heart:


Brother 27 days is a very very big deal. I know guys who cant control for 1 day. You have complete control over your urges. Once in a month means almost nothing.
Also I dont think it makes sense to not ejaculate for an year! A cycle of 21 days, 60, 90 days etc makes sense
This frequency should give all the benefits of semen retention.
Yes but definitely the ejaculation after a certain cycle completion should be either proper sex or masturbation without porn.
There is certainly no benefits to extendint semen retention post 90 days (for non spiritual people). porn obviously should be quit forever
But retaining semen post 90 days only makes sense if you are trying to get on a spiritual path.


Oh god, you ejaculated without even touching your D. Your semen seems to have become very thin that’s why it is coming out very easily. Try including ghee, amla in your diet, it will make your semen healthy and thicker, it won’t come out that easily if you follow this diet. This will help in nightfall problem too.

As far as YouTube ads are concerned, tap on 3 dots button of ad then tap on control my ad, It will take you to your google account, go there and change your gender to female so that YouTube won’t display women’s undergarments ads, rather it may display men’s undergarments ads, which I think is not at all triggering content.


Bro it was my fault
Yesterday I checked on Instagram some kind of soft porn( pics of a model in bikeni)
And today I peeked not watched porn but i peaked about certain category of porn in pictures
Then i was watching a video of my educational course an ad came of a company I tried to skip that
And that skip button took me to the page of those company having models nude( most of them were nude)
And after that boom

And what you are saying can also be a reason of that
Thanks bro and I will sure try this from now

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You may feel sad if you fail but you are doomed if you don’t try