Relapsed again....fml

43e91b addme! I need some support.’’ Stupid pmo grr been having streaks lasting 2 w, then relapse., now 3d relapse… back to 0! I need a challenge! Add me. And lets do this together!!

baedd3 add me im at day 4. Lets do it together. I added you.

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That’s the chaser effect, read more about it.
Added you, here’s my code 46b729…

Stay strong

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Current Streak 4 days 19 hrs.

I get it man, its tough but doable! We can do it together! Ill add ya

We all need support. All of us slip up. It’s a good thing a forum like this exists, or we would be struggling alone.

My code is cf9a15. PM me any time.