Relapsed again! Damn

I was on my 13day streak all hard mode and clean, got tempted after seeing so many gorgeous women in the city…i felt like saying something ratger than keeping it to myself. It was my best streak and next will be even longer !!! Its becoming easier i feel atleast, before it was once a day, now it is once every second week? Next is once a month and later on once every second month u till im clean!


Maybe it’s a good thing that I live in a small city and don’t go out much.

It’s okay; don’t beat yourself up. In fact, I was tempted to go out and binge this morning, but I fought the urge and decided not to. But trust me, was it tempting!

I’ll tell you how I resisted: For one, I submerged all that energy into my other hobby, which as nothing to do with porn at all. When you feel the urge, think to yourself: what other hobbies do I love just as much, and then submerge into them until the urge to PMO goes away.

Or just hit the gym. I find it works for me.


Thx bud, i will think of that next time <3

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