Relapsed after two days

I have tried alot but I can’t go more thn two days plz help…i feel urges all the time and can’t even control myself and immediately i start watching porn.

*Here are some tips…

1.) Meditate on your purpose in life. Do you have any goals? Where do you see yourself in 5, 10, 20+ years from now? What are you aiming for? What do you want to change and why?

2.) Delete social media from your life. Social media consumes valuable time, time that could be spent bettering yourself. Not to mention all the garbage people post on a daily basis.

3.) Eliminate the Porn and stop Masterbating. Porn and Masterbation is a Psychological Poison. As you ejaculate while watching porn, your brain is getting a dopamine overdose all while you waste your semen and lose testosterone. The lost of testosterone will cause you to become depressed, anxious, fearful, weak, emotional and stressed. Plus Brain fog.

4.) Eat healthy and exercise!!! You need to gain weight. I recommend that you take in a lot of protein and eat plenty of vegetables. Also, find a gym to go to. If you can’t find a gym, start working out from home. Build some muscle.

5.) Find a hobbies. You want to use your time wisely while doing Nofap. Do something productive and creative.

6.) Take Cold Showers. This will help you fight off the urges.

7.) Get some sleep. A goodnight sleep will refresh you and increase your testosterone levels

8.) Go outside and get some fresh air. Go for walk and get some vitamin D.

9.) Limit your time on the internet. 30 minutes or less. Stay away from triggers, naked or half naked pics of women.

10.) Drink plenty of water. Stay Hydrated.

11.) Use the forum. Whenever you feel the urge, share you innermost thoughts and feelings with the community. Be 100% honest. If you addicted to a certain type of Pornography but you know its ruining your life, let the community know. Whatever is on your chest, get it out.

I hoped this helped.

Stay Focused, Stay Clean, Stay Healthy and Stay Happy :v:

*This response has been copied and pasted from my previous post. Everyday people are asking for the same advice. Step 11 is new step I added.

Nicholas/24/VA Beach, VA :us:


The first days are the most challenging. From my experience, you have to keep yourself busy and surrounded with other people. Any free time you spend on your phone or computer can lead to a relapse. Cold showers and taking a walk are also great ways to distract yourself from porn.

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My Friend my words will be Harsh.

Just 2 days you cannot control and you seek the answer from someone else.

This situation gave me an idea How big loser you are in ur real life.
You will also accept this internally if you just not live in a Denial.

My question to you is


Just Fight ur Thoughts the moment they arrive.
Don’t be a pussy and ask help for so small things.

Get Up and Fight.

Fight within urself
So that you will be ready to fight everything outside.

Get up my friend GET UP


Thanks its 5th day today…m trying not to fap

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I am living alon in a flat but i today is my5th day

Thanks… M doing that

Read >the easy peasy method<. It was recommended to me from someone here and I didnt masturbate since, so I recommend it to everyone. Its 100 pages and free, developed originally to quit smoking and applied to the masturbation addiction. Very effective, read it and dont skip chapters.