Relapsed After a long Streak

Relapsed after 71 days and I feel like shit now. I wish I could undo it.


Hey bro, I know the feeling, the guilt and shame and just wanting to go back and tell the you that wanted to relapse that it isn’t worth it and that all it brings is pain and heartbreak to you and those around you. And I think if we want to overcome this we need to really hate this and feel bad afterward, but just make sure you use that feeling to catapult you forward towards pmo freedom, and don’t put yourself down 71 days is an awesome streak, one that many of us only hope to achieve. So get up and begin again, you may have been reset to the beginning but you are a step ahead already and know the way ahead, identify your triggers, kill them, and bury them, mind you if you don’t kill them first they will unbury themselves and come after you. Get up and pick up your sword and begin again, what’s awesome about this war is when we fail we can start again.
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You got this bro!!!


what u have done is done. u can not undo it but u can repeat the long streak but longer ,try to stay cool and don’t think about the past.


Added…btw thanks for the motivation. such words can be quite helpful sometimes

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