Relapsed after 8 days 🥺

I relapsed yesterday night. The cause of relapse was pool girls.

Yesterday, I stumbled upon an adult content at evening and my cum started leaking a bit suddenly. I was freaked out and asked help in WhatsApp No-Fap group. I came to know it was pre-cum. Some told me to take cold shower, walk or do exercise. As I love swimming, I went to swimming and there were already some girls.
I was minding my own business and swam 10 rounds.

After coming home, I was so tired and exhausted. Soon, the urges started hitting me and I resisted as hard as possible. Later after 1 hour I ended up relapsing. Fapped 3 times. I felt really sad and regretful.

What I understood was that until I reach 90 days and I get rewired, I think my brain will view women as sex objects or my mind will play dirty thoughts and sex scenes with those women.

This time I am gonna come stronger and more powerful.


I am only being triggered by girls in screen or photos.

Well, always be aware of triggers

Don’t be sad ! Relax and pray God.
Next time try 16 days.

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Yes sir, you got it :grin:

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One piece of advise is to change the way you look at this.
You didn’t relapse because of pool girls-- you relapsed bc of your response to pool girls. Your brain doesn’t view women as sexual objects and you are victim to it-- your life circumstance and outlook has allowed your brain to settle on that objectification.

Not to be hard on yourself but practice taking conscious responsibility. Be empowered. Think to yourself that YOU are in control of your mind and life.

The reason for 90 days of a rewire is because that’s how long it takes for your hard work and focus to take over and become the accepted outlook and nature of who you are. You may find yourself without a foundational change if you just try to “not fap” for that period of time.

Also good job. Be patient with yourself. Cool that you are aware and engaged at your age. May success be yours.


Thank you sir. I will keep this in mind :smile:


You got this brother. Dont quit, dont give up, you can do this shit.
Keep fighting. It is your nature to fight and aim for goals.

We all know you can do it.
Take care!