Relapsed After 7 damn days

Was walking all day and was super tired and came home and relaxed and then BOOM the urges hit me and I gave in

You guys have any tips I can try next time this happens?

I found out several methods that helped me reach 19 days before i relapsed;

  1. One the methods that helps me is to say several time that “this day will be the last day I will relapse” and for what ever reasons. Convince yourself to do that so that the brain can automatically deny PMO after 3-4days
  2. Try to drain as much enegy as you can to feel exhausted and possibly sleepy
  3. If you live with you family, sit in the living room with them. Do not stay in alone your bedroom. The more people there are the better chance you have to not PMO.
  4. If you feel strong urges take a cold shower or go out to clear you mind
  5. Get busy! Be productive! Move alot! It does not help when you are immobile in you bed or sofa and surfing the net or watch tv. Go to the gym and run an hour on the treadmill. Build you body with weightlifting
  6. Try to look away from nudity where ever you are

Find one solid thing!

I’m Day 4, my highest streak is 5 days,
and been here 3 weeks.

A lot has changed for me since joining.
-seeing others in the same boat, getting/giving support, And the reminder of neuroplasticity
(which I had not really taken seriously until now)

What’s helped me the most, is the reminder of why I’m stopping, cut through that thought when it comes, And having a solid parental “No!”

I’m simply not allowing myself to edge (intentionally look) anymore,
I’ve decided for me, that’s a relapse.

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I have the master tip:

Hit your penis! C":

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