Relapsed after 254

Since I relapsed, I am not able to come back. Any tips?

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Omg that was a huge streak. Almost a year. Raise again . Ignore this relapse and continue your journey friend


But try to forget it and keep going.


I don’t consider it a fail don’t blame yourself. It’s just bad day … just learn from it and keep going. Don’t turn it to addiction again … You’ve ended this addiction since 90 days.


Don’t be so hard with yourself. Relapse is okay, you’re an addicted. But if you relapse only do it for one time.
Now is time to fight again and thia time you are going to win!!


Hey mate what’s your sharing code? Would love to see you get up into the 100s again :slight_smile:

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Good job on that streak. It may seem like a huge setback, but you’re the same person now compared to the person you were on day 254. It’s not like the progression of you as a person gets lost with one pmo session.

Try to refrain from binge watching, that’s always the danger with relapses. Your mind may tell you that, since you relapsed anyway, you might as well ‘use’ this relapse to watch some more porn.
Don’t give in to these thoughts.

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Agreed that mindset will drag you soo deep

This is a good chance to reevaluate your progress and priorities. I too have relapsed before after a very long streak…and it was because my priorities were still in the wrong place. To fully reboot in a truly effective and healthy way…one must realize the truth about happiness in general. Giving into sexual urges certainly does not equal happiness, rather having the freedom from it does. Chasing and living your dreams does. Finding genuine love from someone does. But the activity of giving into sexual urges does not. You are merely feeling something in your body that gives you pleasure but it makes you mentally weak if you rely on it all the time. Maybe you’re already doing these things but… I do think that it is important that you develop a habit that will help you to progress as a person such as exercising every day. It may sound simple but this one little act can provide an outlet for the body to release any stress as well as to build stamina and stength. It also helps to build other simple yet positive habits such as making your bed every morning and starting the day with positive affirmations. Maybe even eating healthy meals and avoiding junk food. I have done all these examples of simple acts every single day without fail for the past 6 months…and it has made a huge difference in my life. (I’m on day 175)

Also, I think one trap that too many people ignore is media. Too often, in popular media, they showcase attractive people engaging in some sort of sexual activity. Too much exposure to this sort of entertainment can wire the brain to engage in those sort of themselves…and before you know it…its become a priority. I think it really helps to try and take control over what you watch as well…even if it isn’t considered pornographic. Instead, maybe go out! Go travel somewhere! Do something new! Learn to play an instrument! Etc.

Best of luck! You can do this!


Restart there is no option my brother

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Relapse It’s not a failure if you learned about it. Gl this time

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By u/makspice11 on Reddit
DETAILED Guide on How to Succeed at NoFap!

“Hey everybody, what’s up? I hope all is going well. Some of you, I’ve noticed, have been racking up some long streaks (way to go bros!). Yet, for some reason, others seem to be struggling to last more than a couple days/weeks. While, a third group, seems to be having short-lived success, i.e. going 100+ days and then relapsing, only to venture deeper and deeper back into the same addiction you were once prisoner to. Regardless of your situation, know that there are steps you can take to ensure yourself a lasting success.”

    This is number one because it’s the most important thing to remember along your journey. I’ve found distracting myself via videogames and YouTube (use wearily) to be extremely helpful during the evening. Now, you may be thinking, why videogames and not meditating? Why YouTube and not working out? And I’ll tell you this: YouTube and videogames are important for seemingly blatant reasons: a lot is usually going on, they can provide a new avenue of interest (self-help videos), and they are incredibly good time wasters! During my NoFap journey, I’ve had to pull my fair share of all-nighters, and I could not have done it without these things. After all, what is there to do at 2 a.m. when you’re alone anyway? ha

    I can boast the fact that I’ve been abstinent from Facebook as long as I have been from Porn–417 days to be exact. Facebook and Instagram have so much triggers it’s ridiculous. If you’re doing NoFap with those sites still in the picture, you must have enormous self-discipline. Remember, however, that we are humans. If we see a nice picture, we’ll get horny. That’s how it works. Be easy on yourself. Quit using Facebook and Instagram, or use them extremely warily.

    This one helps by making it increasingly harder for you guys to view Porn. Find a spot far from your bed where you’ll not be tempted. Preferably, the place where you go to eat. I think it would be safe to assume, you guys don’t jack where you eat right? Be on the lookout for places you are tempted avoid them. If the bathroom is a bad place, don’t bring your stuff with you over there, etc.

    When you guys wake up in the morning, I know you’ll probably have some morning wood and feel like giving the snake a tug; however, simply do not. There are more important things you can be doing, and I’ve found it helpful to start the day with a shower. Wake up, shower, brush your teeth, start the day. If you’re a bum, at least get in the gym and try to get a solid work out in. If you’re not a member anywhere, go run for as long as you can. Eat a great breakfast; do that kind of thing.

    This one is obvious. If you want to succeed at NoFap, you need to completely detach yourself from Porn. Learn to HATE Porn. Learn about the damage it does to the people involved and everyone a part of it; learn how it has destroyed countless relationships; learn how it gives you ED, anxiety issues, and makes you mentally incapable. LEARN to HATE it so much that the word makes you feel like taking a damn shower!

    In order for you to succeed at NoFap, you need to be both mentally and physically capable. I’m not joking. NoFap requires tremendous willpower and its flat-lines are scary as hell! I’ve had times of insomnia, depression, hopelessness, mania, unbearable lethargy, and zero libido (ZERO! I questioned my sexuality at one point! For those of you who’re wondering, my flair says 41 days, but I’ve been at 200 days before, and been going at this more than a year). Making going to the gym a priority. Also get into long-distance running: it helps a lot.

    You need to be able to discern between urge and no urge, and be ready to confront it quickly. When an urge comes, don’t let it pass; you’ll fail almost every time. What you need to do is take radical action. It’s time to start moving; you gotta do crap. Get out of the house immediately! (Don’t confuse this with what I said in previous steps. Mornings and evenings require a separate plan of action. This is primarily for afternoons:)).

    I’ve found meditation to be helpful when it comes to building up my will-power. Meditation also acts as a substitute for Nofap, alleviating the stress which normally would’ve been taken care of by fapping. It’s also a great way to feel better, control your urges, and develop your self-awareness. Meditation can be a useful tool along your journey.

    This is an important one because many on here may be struggling with issues of self. People may feel like their lives are worthless, insignificant, and depressing. However, this is the most detrimental mindset you can take with you onto your NoFap journey. If you’re already feeling sullen, how can you expect to be able to cope with flat-line? It’s hell! Stay in your peak condition throughout this challenge, and learn to love yourself.

    I briefly touched on Porn before, but here is a detailed account of things I’ve closely investigated from myself and others’ experiences on here about the dangers Porn and Masturbation.

Porn: Absurd fetishes. Decreased Libido. Brain Fog. Poor attention. Decrease ability to think multi-dimensionally (seeing all sides of an issue. Goes with a decreased ability to think abstractly/deeply and integrating/manipulating huge quantities of information or for long periods of time). Planning ability is NON-EXISTENT (this one is a good way for elites to make us not want to question authority). May have some issues with coordination (this one is still being investigated). Porn users are at an increased likelihood of being apathetic, frustrated, and feeling guilty about their Porn use. You may begin to perceive women in a different, objectifying way. May have some issues talking with people/expressing one’s thoughts in an articulate manner (still being investigated, but applied to me immensely! At one point, conversations were difficult!). Dream recall is no longer (applies to most, not all).

Masturbation: Lethargy. Social anxiety. Acne. Groggy eyes. Skin loses its glow. Under eye circles (applied to me and some others). Hair loss (this one is rather controversial. I think for some quitting masturbation may help with hair regrowth. I have found negligible results). Hair loses its vitality (this one I’ve personally observed. My hair felt different after Nofap.) Weight gain (lost 10 lbs for no reason after NoFap). Penor loses its sensitivity. Morning wood is non-existent after awhile. Spontaneous erections disappear. Body odor and bad breath (applied to me). Beta-voice. Eye floaters (applied to me).


We are a special group of people and need to stick together. We are radicals. All 161, 681 of us are important members of this community and I would like to see our continued expansion. What would be exceptional is if we could get a million fapstronauts on this thing eventually. That would be a dream come true. Society told us that masturbation and Porn were harmless; we didn’t listen, we are free-thinkers. We are the Alpha-pluses in the Brave New World. The elites have an agenda to keep us weak, and we will not be shut down. Porn addiction is real. Masturbation is an unnecessary evil. This is not a conspiracy. Our community will not be stopped! FIGHT FOR WHAT YOU BELIEVE IN!

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