Relapsed after 145 days. Now what?

I was under stress, and I was already wobbling for like 4-5 days before i finally relapsed. Full of shame, and not sure what to do next or how to handle this feeling. I don’t know why the urges came back after such a long time and I don’t want to go back to the shit life I had before this. I don’t want to binge or have the “it’s already damaged so you might as well” attitude.

What should I do both physically and mentally?


remeber that you are not at the beginning again.
relapsing once after a long time is bad. but if you get right back on the train you won’t loose too much.

the worst thing you could do now is binging. just keep going on nofap and after a few weeks everything is back to normal. if you binge now you will again fall deeper and deeper into the pit. don’t see your progress as day zero. see how high above you are. with every relapse you can fall farther down.


I also relapsed today after 26 days. So i can sympathize with you.

We have to start over again. RULE NO.1 is our only hope. DONT WATCH EROTIC PIXELS EVER AGAIN

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Truly said friend,
Last time i relapsed after 32 days and it didnt effected me much.

Yeah our progress is ditched that for sure. Our confidence gets low. Our mozo goes away but… many benefits remain with us like social & mental rewiring. Past habits also remain with us but only we have to work over it again.

The pack of cards has not completly come down but only 2 or 3 layers of it have withered away. Start building it again


Just came in to say that the topic is scary :ghost:


Thank you all for the advice. It’s much harder now but I’m going to emergency mode and watching every thought. I need to slow down the storm over the next 2 weeks until I am calm again. I’ll see if this works out

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Ok .I also relqpsed just now .5 days

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You could analyze why the wobbling 4-5 days earlier. I would very much like to know. Im on day 48.

Today or precisely just now, I was shaken a bit, the circumstances are confusing. I can’t get my head around it, reached to the point of even considering to ‘just visit’ the old websites. It scares me… Im still trying to get the answer to my situation (I posted the question, kindly would like to hear your thoughts on that too).

Back to the question, What was it that wobbles you? If you dont mind please share. I’m trying my best to stop PMO for eternity

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It was stress from work. I have a company that’s growing quickly and bringing lots of stresses with it and the last 5 days were utter shit. However, I’m much calmer now and I feel like I’ll easily pull a few months again and I’ll explain below the why and how.

What I have learned from this shitty experiment is that stress and problems do not just happen in a bang. Instead it creeps up very slowly and in different directions. Control the root cause and not the symptoms. PMO is only a symptom, the cause is stress, and the cause of stress is my interpretation and catastrophization of normal everyday events. The moment I realized that I was exaggerating, generalizing, and taking things out of proportion it was completely calm and quiet again.

It really comes down to loving yourself and accepting that you are flawed. This calms the mind tremendously and helps ease you out of this nasty addiction.


That’s great advice. Thanks for the share. Wish you luck on getting back on the track.

Yday, I met a smoker friend who stopped from 6 years, he said stress especially massive one will still be a trigger if not a challenge. We may have from flash of thoughts to even considering going back to the old habit. Need to be careful though. It doesn’t bother him, but the thoughts still come…

After 145 days I think it will be normal to have 1 or 2 relapses. But as long as you acknowledge that it makes you feel awefull. Just aim higher and higher each time. You arent gonna quit cold turkey. It doesnt work. But good job making it that far. Now aim for 365.

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