Relapsed 5 times today

I feel like shit. My dick hurts and im shaking. My body is heavy. If im being honest i want to die. Watching people do what i cant and constantly failing just makes me question what the point of anything is if I cant fix this. Im admitting that im a pussy. I just might quit and let my life slip away because this is hurting me.


This thoughts are normal after relapsing and it’s a phase get back up and try to figure out what went wrong and try to keep on track after a weeks time you’ll feel ok again and then avoid to relapse


Happy birthday @anon9498230
And if you want to get rid of this you will have to struggle. You will hold your hands when you want to back down you will have to be a man of control. And it is easy hold your hands and pray to the god. Wait and be patient don’t fall for the benefit fallacy. Benefits may or may not show up that doesn’t mean you will subside to jerking off. If there is no rain to irrigate the fields doesn’t mean you will deprive others of water. When everything goes wrong you go right you play the game. Keep grinding brother because winter is coming, the time when 99% of the men jerk off thrice a day. Realize the truth and keep grinding


Try to be with frnds and family. Dont stay alone in room. Loneliness is the big reason for this. Always be with someone.


TBH bro, I know the feeling. I know what you’re going through. But the thing is jut don’t let it get to you. I read somewhere, If do something bad accept it and try to prevent it.
I also know that feeling when you just want to be in the room and not leave it. But you can’t do that. It’s hard bro, just get onto a 2 day streak. It will rise your spirits up. Even I relapsed 3 times yesterday just while going to bed. I have reset my streak and still trying to make it to day 1 again and I’m finding it hard as hell. Even as I type I feel the urges, so just try not to give in.
Thats all I can say… :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:


(Actually, I’ve written a similar answer before for people facing similar situations. I am almost repeating it as I’m sure it would be helpful for @anon9498230 . :slightly_smiling_face:)
First of all, please don’t be such negative! Please don’t let your past experiences make you feel that you cannot get over this vicious cycle of addiction. You have not been able to overcome this addiction till now because you could not fight against it in the best possible way. You would be able to overcome this addiction once you tackle it in a better way. Therefore, you can see that your past and future are independent of each other and hence, it’s just an illusion in your mind that just because you could not overcome it in the past, you would not be able to overcome it in the future. :slightly_smiling_face:

Now, coming to the point of beating this addiction, well, there are plenty of good advises present on this forum. Let me take this opportunity to suggest advises from my side too. :slightly_smiling_face:

First of all, please understand that these things like getting urges are quite normal in the recovery journey. Please don’t stress too much over it! The more you stress over it, the more you think about it and then, higher is the chance of relapse. My answer will consist of two parts - one containing what to do when you are getting huge urges and the other part suggesting general advise that will try to prevent you from getting stuck in this loop of urges’ cycle.

Lets begin with the first part. When you are getting huge urges, there are quite a number of things which can prevent you from relapsing. The first thing you should try is to change your environment in such a way that there is no chance of relapse. Like going outside to a public place or going to your family member’s room and start talking to them. Also, try to induce movement in your body while doing all this. It will help. If the suggested option is not available for you (maybe because it’s night, you can’t go outside or because of lockdown etc.), then start moving in you house only without having phone in hands. The physical movement helps in this situation. There are other things too you can do while facing urges. I had watched a video which suggested 7 ways to transmute our sexual energy. You can try one of these to fight urges: 1. exercise, 2. meditation, 3. experience happiness (eg. listen to music and dance etc.), 4. meet pals, 5. deep work, 6. creative work, 7. cleanliness. So now, you have these tools in your toolbox, use them to fight your urges. I hope you will be successful. :smiley:

Now, lets talk a bit about the general advise on how to avoid getting stuck in this irritating loop of feeling urges. As you have already experienced yourself, the more you are exposed to sexual things (even if it’s soft in nature), the more is the chance of getting stuck in this loop. So, how to avoid it? It’s simple. For getting entertainment while you are on the path of recovery, just rely on those sources of entertainment which are safe in nature. By safe, I mean those sources which are not going to sexually excite you and hence, cannot become a reason for your relapse. You can also get entertainment by listening to music, watching good documentaries, playing clean video games or even better, playing sports etc. If you have an urge to watch movies, please watch only clean movies. Prior to watching a movie, you can check the age rating of that movie and inquire online whether it has any sexual stuff or not. It will help you know beforehand if that movie is safe for you.

I hope these things serve as a guide for you to fight against your urges. Always remember you are a great fighter and hence, are not going to fall prey to this addiction.


I have failed more than 50 times brother. Don’t lose hope man you can do it :muscle::muscle::muscle:


People have gave advices,i would like to add one more,
just change it, subconsiously it affects ur brain


I would save this post as a screenshot. Now is the time to get angry and infuriated. There is an industry you helped get richer at the cost of your vitality. Tap into this anger and step outside your body to see what you’re going through. I love myself more than pornography and so I have to be my protector. Don’t let them have you.


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