Relapsed 4th time in a month

Just relapsed feeling like shit,I can’t get past 6-8 days everytime i go this much further i fell right back into the trap. last night i thought i will have a quick sneek peek into hentai comics then i kept watching comics for few minutes i was hard like never before i thought nothing is lost now i haven’t ejaculated yet then i kept my phone away and slept but i had a wet dream later and i woke up at 7 am then i started the comic were
i left and done the same shit again .

now i am feeling completely lost like i will never be able to get out of this shit hole .

You had already relapsed here, no matter what you had done in the morning later.

Brother, no P*** is allowed during the Rewiring. And no P*** should be accepted in the society. This sickness is taking our manhood away. Do not fall into the trap.

Be strong.

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