Relapsed 3 times yesterday evening. HELP!

As the title says, I relapsed 3 times yesterday evening and a total of 9 relapses in 8 days. I was edging and thought I can control myself and I did 3 times in a row (inejaculation is a HUGE BULLSHIT). Just with 2 hours before the day of Easter ( I’m Christian Orthodox from Bulgaria).Now I feel so guilty, anxious, my hands (esp right) are trembling, brain fog, headache, tiredness (but cant sleep) and sad. My steak of 234 days of porn free remained intact, but still feeling like shit.

I have also bad hair loss since relapsing one week ago.

Any advice fellow brothers?


Read CHAPTER 1 from my previous post… I’ll give you guarantee u will quit pmo forever… Just follow chapter 1


I just read it. Nice :blush:, I will try. Forever is a big word through.


You are like my super senior in breaking the habit.But surely you taught me a good lesson.i.e This addiction won’t gona leave permanently just like corona virus. So we all need to know this clear that even though we cross 200 days any point of time we can fall into the trap and regret. I found this today useful,

I see you as a great companion here having an ausm streak. Now don’t look back. Stop if you are continuously falling. You already know how to fight with this ( I am :100: %sure)


Relapsed again 4 times in a row :frowning:


Just relax back and sleep and keep your electronic devices away for an day in the meanwhile you could

Go out of house ( if your area has covid ignore this)
Read an book
sit with your family members


Just remember one thing. During these relapses, PLEASE DO NOT WATCH PORN. THAT’S DANGEROUS.

Regarding masturbation, well you are in a chaser effect and it depends on your will power whether you can stop now or stop after a few days. Don’t worry, you will get back on track. Just don’t watch porn. And keep trying to stop. You can stop. Believe in yourself.


Wow, that’s awesome :smiley::+1::fire:

Masturbation alone is far less addictive than masturbation with porn. So just relax and keep fighting with all you’ve got.

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Do not talk as if it was the end, dedicate and complete what you started with all courage, determination and hope within you that you will conquer this habit .

You still breathe so you still have the decision .



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