Relapsed 12 times in 3 days, feeling like a **** -became the 60 days challenge-

Yeah I will try the same

Sorry guys I don’t know when you will start the challenge… So I relapsed(in the morning)… And starting now…

So we are all at a day difference now lol

Wally is at two days, me 1, and you near one.


Are we staring today? The challenge @wall-e @Mousetrap

Ah well. Lets go for today, i just relapsed :disappointed_relieved:

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Can we break the goal into pieces?
First we try to achieve 3days → 7days → 15days → 30days–> 45days → 60days.

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Sure, looks good to me.

@Mousetrap Please don’t. If you are not serious and commit please let us know. That’s okay.

Sorry to say, if you are not serious please say. Otherwise it will impact others.

Well it is pretty hard for me to stop pmoing. And I try. Since we started our challenge I only did it 2 times in three days. It is very good for me.

I am serious, but dont paternise me please.

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Look, I know you are on edge because it is hard to stop pmo and you are on nerve, but we are all on the same side here.

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@Mousetrap @Adioz_aka_Adidas just to confirm when can we start checkin? It would be nice to know where exactly we stands today? My current streak is 3*

Me>> already completed day 1. (Tmrw it will be day 2)

You just choose exact time when we exactly start. As per my opinion we should make a new counter where we can see how many days we completed when we started together.

My Suggestion:- :point_down:

Here we can create new counter. As per our timezone.

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@Mousetrap if you are okay we can start from today?

Just tell me and im good. More than 60 days, I can try it.

Yeah from today perfect for me.

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@Mousetrap Great, then as per previous plan let’s stick ,
First we try to achieve 3days → 7days → 15days → 30days–> 45days → 60days.
@Adioz_aka_Adidas brother sorry regarding the timings I could not get it actually. I tried to save but not sure i can save it somewhere. I am in IST zone. What about yours?

I randomly checkin whenever I find time :smile:

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I am also from same time zone.
I will show you how you can do it?

This is my count up counter


Yeah show me how to start the counter and save stepwise. @Adioz_aka_Adidas

Not sure something like this,

@Mousetrap please add me, sharing code: 0ow5v1
What is your sharing code bud?

My code : 11eily

I already had added you, it strange that it didnt send you a notification :thinking:


That’s okay. Thanks :relaxed::+1:
Checkin day 1