Relapse when you eat fast food?

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I am questioning whether I should relapse if I ate fast food or not? Because Every time I eat fast food I tend to feel some type of dirtiness that makes my body want to jack off as a form of releasing the junk from my body. Not sure why, but you feel horny that for sure. I don’t to lose my streak and I want to keep going, will I lose NoFab benefits when I eat fast food?

Well you can eat fast food all you want (you really should cut on it though) but relapsing after eating fast food is something you shouldn’t do.

If you are feeling “dirty”, I suggest hitting the gym hard if you have membership else go for a 5k run, that will for sure extract all the “dirtyness” in you.


I plan to be a vegan but its hard because I have no idea how to start. Fast food and porn are like a connected pleasure binge for me. So I try not to eat fast food. When I do I will do what you suggested.

So does eating fast food make you feel like shit afterwards? It’s probably some guilty feeling after having indulged yourself similar to jacking off to porn. Either change your patterns of thinking or behaviour, or even both.

Tell yourself that it’s ok to eat junk food once in a while similar when you relapse to porn, but if you want to go vegan, you could try instilling a juice/vegetable diet. I’m sure u could look it up on the net.

Normally there is a source to addictions. Take my porn addiction, back when I had it extreme, I used to think that I’m unlovable in some ways. Intimacy issues and the feeling that I did not deserve to be loved as much as I love others.
I found solace in porn and meeting all of the beautiful women that I could have had lol.
Peace, love and happiness has always existed in myself, we all just have to find and tap into that source.

That’s the root of it.


If you ask me, vegan is not the opposite of unhealthy food. I personally really care about what I eat but that doesn’t mean that I need to go vegan.

If you wanna eat a burger or french fries and so on, there are also good options for that. If you are in a place which uses fresh bread, organic ingredients and so on, then you don’t have to feel dirty afterwards. On the other side, you can very well be vegan without doing any good to your body.


@TheWillToLive You are right indeed. Yeah well fast food does make me feel like shit afterwards indeed. I am planning to cut out fast food and making more home recipes or finding restaurants that use organic ingredients like @neveragaintw said. Its just that I need to stop being lazy and procrastinating and actually do it. Have the will.

@WalkWithoutFear maybe it’s the kind of fast food that you are eating that is making you feel this way? There’s poor fast food :stew: and sometimes you can find better fast food. Choose the better option and see if that helps.

i cant tell if you are asking if its okay to jack off after eating fast food or if eating fast food counts as a relapse. the rules of nofap are no porn, no masturbation, and no orgasm, fast food is unrelated. jacking off wont release any of the junk you have ate in the slightest obviously so thats out of the question. there isnt a single good reason to fap unless you were told for a medical reason by your doctor like another user on here so don’t do it. don’t let your brain fool you into making up an excuse to fap because there are no excuses period

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I felt similar when I used to eat junk food, my excuse was “I want my balls clean of shit so I have to drain whatever is inside so I will feel better. I absolutely cannot practice semen retention and won’t get benefits if they are full of shity things”
Like it was poisoning my balls since some sperm is made from things you eat.

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You are right bro, its just that I feel super horny when I eat fast food. And yeah I shouldn’t"t give in to the temptation. Unfortunately I relapsed last night. I will try to eat healthy for 14 days or 21 until I have controlled my sexual urges.

Do you think tea is a good thing to drink for urges to calm body?

Yeah it was a burger and fries in carls jr. But when I eat homemade or fresh ingredients made in front of your face I don’t have the urges much. Maybe its like a type of porn reward system. Since when you watch porn its a fast rewarding pleasure and so is fast-food. All I know is i need to eat freshly.

If it keeps you busy, it should work

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