Relapse Term and Defintion

I been seeing this word a lot ever since I joined this app. What is it and what does it mean when you “replase”?

Relapse means going back to the initial stage after a period of improvement. Generally, noPMOers consider watching porn and masturbating as a relapse. But then it depends on what mode are you doing. There are two modes, Hard mode and soft mode. In. Hard mode, a person abstain from porn, masturbation and sex. In soft mode, you are allowed to have sex, but no prostitute sex, then it is considered a relapse.
If you are a frequent PMOer, it is recommended that you first do hard mode for 90 days, and then decide which mode to continue with.


As the word suggests; falling sick

PORN is making us sick. Watching porn is relapse. Fapping is relapse. Orgasm is relapse.