Relapse Recovery

What are some great ways to recover from a relapse (I know cold showers and drinking lots of water help)? I want to get going as quickly as possible :100::100::100:

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Figure out what went wrong… Try to go more than the days when u last relapsed… Stay calm… Always remember to quit pmo u need to sacrifice something… Wait patiently your time will come… Never ever give up… Fight hard… Don’t give up easily next time…
Try to avoid Triggers, Because avoiding triggers is better than Fighting with Urges
Try to transmute your sexual energy next time…
Be confident… Forget and forgive yourself…
Remember everyday is a new opportunity…
A man with 1000+ days of Nofap started with Day 0.


Always think it is your first day. Forget everything that you did, remember the mistakes, learn from it and decide that you will not repeat that mistakes.

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Thank you for all of this! :smile:

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Things that help-

  • start small. You can’t reach day 90 without passing day 1. Make a plan. Say “the next three days I’m going to overcome this.” Once you make that step you feel so much better, ready for the next.
  • Remorse. It happens. But remember, you’re trying to improve. Temptations happen here on earth. But you’re fighting to do better.
  • Eat lots of protein and drink milk to recover the minerals lost. It’s not just testosterone that you lose during a relapse. There are proteins as well. That is how sperm survive.
  • Get up!! Wake up early, usually before 7 am. And whatever you do! Dont go back to bed. When staying there, whether asleep or not. Lots of things happen down there which cause triggers later on.
  • Avoid internet temptation. No matter how innocent it looks.
  • Challenge others, make friends, and be distracted!
    Hope this helps. If you want anymore tips, feel free to message me! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Thanks! I’ll make sure I do what I can :sunglasses:

Zinc and Magnesium. Vitamins. Macca root seed.

Watch this vid, he explains it really good:

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7 things-

  1. You’re not superhuman. Install Blockers, stop unnecessary browsing and beware of the chaser effect @onahole

  2. Absorb the sexual energy from urges and use it for productive work. This beats 90% of the urges.

  3. Be productive. Being on nofap and being lazy is as good as not doing nofap. Work out to release the excess energy. Train your brain to do hard things. Sleep early and wake up early.

  4. You can’t reach day 100 if you can’t cross day 1

  1. Don’t be in a hurry. Take one day at a time. Rome wasn’t built in a day- greatness takes time.

  2. Peeking = relapse. Period.

  3. Don’t fantasize.

Flame on,