Relapse prevention Strategies (suggestions are welcome)

Urge Prevention Strategy:(introduced by @Forerunner )

  1. Understand the root cause of the addiction. Take a pen and paper and write down your current feelings and state of mind. Investigate the reasons why you feel this way and keep going until you come to PMO as part of the problem. Find out the other reasons as well that things in your life aren’t the way you want them to be. Look at your health, your studies, career, family and friend relationships, personal goals etc. Learn something entirely new about yourself and untangle the fog that PMO has placed on your self-awareness. Then, choose a day once a week where you can just read over your findings and keep them fresh in your mind. This will give you extra strength. PMO is not the root of all your current problems. It may even have started that way, but now it is a symptom of them. A healthy person with high self-esteem and a good mental attitude cannot remain an addict.
  2. Forgive yourself completely for the past. Leave all past relapses behind. Leave the sins behind, the broken promises to yourself and others, the times you neglected your work or your exercises, the wasted time on video games and movies and browsing Instagram, the pain you caused to family and friends, all of it. That was the old you in the past. You cannot ever change what he did. You can choose to be the new man you are at the present moment and work each day to have a beautiful future. You are the hero in your movie or video game now. Fully believe that you deserve to live this life and that with the help of the Almighty, you will accomplish it this time.
  3. Make a firm, definite commitment to real change this time. Write it down and sign your name. Decide that you are now on your lifetime streak. There are no more thoughts like 'Just one extra day and I’ll start fresh tomorrow!’ Do something new that reinforces this belief for you. There might be something you always imagined the PMO-free you would do, like being less socially anxious, regular exercise and healthy eating, playing an instrument or learning a second or third language. Start doing this now. You could even start writing your 90-day success story, and work backwards to accomplish it before you get there. What habits would you implement to get there?
  4. Every day, reaffirm your commitment to staying clean and maintaining your ultimate streak, and your belief that this is it. This will take less than a minute a day, but it is so powerful as it keeps your progress and success in the front of your mind to fight for you when urges come. Why would you relapse? The current you will never relapse - he just said so this morning! If a day is too long and you fear urges building up, then do this morning, afternoon and evening.
  5. Also, when you make your daily commitment, be grateful for your progress so far. Remember, these are the last times you will ever pass these days again. The Last Day 5. The Last Day 10. The Last Day 30 and so on. That’s incredible after years of addiction. You’re a new man; appreciate it.
  6. Make it a habit to remove lustful thoughts from your mind instantly. The woman passing by in the street, your classmates and work colleagues, previous crushes and girlfriends, that music video, flashbacks of P imagery, all of them have to go. Just like we wipe our hard drives, phone memory cards and browser history of all the P we used to watch, now we wipe our mental hard drive and keep it clean. The new person you have become does not fantasize about women like that; he respects them. 2 seconds of thinking these thoughts is too long. Look away and choose to think about something positive instead. Doing so creates a new habit in your brain which makes urges very weak and so much easier to dismiss.
  7. Write up 2 lists; one list of all the reasons why you don’t want to go back to PMO or break your lifetime streak, and the second list of all the reasons why you want to continue being free and what your new life will look like. Make your lists personal and emotional, powerful enough that if you saw them before relapsing in the past, you’d think twice before throwing away your progress. Read it and you’d rather bathe in ice water than type those filthy words into the search bar or touch your manhood. Read this list at least once a week to keep your mind fresh and prevent urges. If your urges are still strong, read it more times, even daily if you have to.

@Bashi’ words from recovery notes:- :point_down:

If anyone have any suggestions they can write it below :point_down:

Thanks for reading this


Nice techniques…I must read when I will be free from my work today.

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Do exercise on the urges. (ex. Push ups)
Control the urge (only in plateau).


Best of luck in achieving your goals! You 𝗖𝗔𝗑 do it! :crown:


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