Relapse or No, I Dunno

Okay so I just ejaculated, but here’s the story

So I was home alone a couple hours ago, and my phone is being taken by my parents to be sold, and replace it with a new one. So I was left without any phone. Things are going fine until I get horny by weird imagination that wanders around my head. At first I could hold it, but the longer I hold it, my genital area seems to hurt, so I can’t help it but to jerk it off to solve the pain

The question is:

Should I press the “relapsed” button?

Idk what to say bro, since you’re doing it intentionally but its because of a genuine medical condition. So, really I don’t have an answer but I have sn advise that you try meditation and focus on other areas of life to have less of such fantasies and also try to fap less frequently.
Another possibility can be that you’re uncircumcised and may have created a wound under foreskin which might be hurting you whenever you get an erection. If thats the case, then you should go to a doctor and seek medical help.

It’s all up to you, people are on here for different reasons and goals. If your goal is to quit porn then you keep the counter going, if your goal was to quite pmo then you reset it.

No-one is watching the counter but you so it’s up to you to decide how you want to play it :slight_smile:

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Well it doesn’t matter anymore

Since I got the new phone, every streak (including my relapse history) is reset so I think it’s pretty much a new fresh start but thanks for the replies anyway

yes you should restart