Relapse; my thoughts

Hi all,
Just a quick background; I have been addicted for about 7 years now, and the most I’ve ever gone without porn was 14 days. This time I took a hard stance against porn and went 11 days, almost beating my record but the urges were too much and I caved. Looking back, I regret it now. Well, I always have regretted my relapses but this time I really thought I had the ball rolling and would get far.

I didn’t just relapse once yesterday, I binged that day. I didn’t relapse today but the changes are like night and day. I am so tired, and I don’t feel like socialising. I don’t even feel that happy. Something I realised though, I’ve felt this way the ENTIRETY of last year. I was always tired and unsociable, I was lowkey kind of depressed. When I was on a streak though, my mind felt clear and I felt so good. Being on a streak vs always binging porn is such a big difference and I’ve only now realised this.

Hopefully, I’ll get back on the horse and quit for good this time.


Me too brother, was nearly two weeks but couldnt jold any longer , relapsed 7 times in 4 days…feeling empty now

Relapsing once and moving on is far better than binge relapsing…it’ll waste all the energy and mess up the mind. I also relapsed yesterday after 17 days streak. Hope we can get farther this time…:muscle:

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