Relapse: Lack of sleep in addition to home exam

Since 2 PM on Wednesday I have not slept properly. I was awoke for more then 24 hours because the deadline of my home exam is this friday at 3 PM. After work in the evening I went directly home and continued on my exam. I have bought snacks high in energy and afterwards I became tired which is obviously normal, but I cannot sleep. I have to continue. Meanwhile i had power naps but still very tired. And then Porn addiction snaps. As tired as i am, my brain makes me feel lust for porn. I have this add-on on my browser that block pornographic material, also on incognito mode. I searched for words that i have blocked and i am grateful that this add-on work perfectly, however just so i can consentrate on my homework i had to let my urges control for a little bit by listening to female orgasms sound on youtube. Note that i have not touched my self, still on my 20th day and do not want to masturbate because that is not worth my time. I don’t want to feel like a piece of shit for an entire week and have brain fogs again. I responsibilities to take, pluss that i am interessted in two girls, so now i have to wait in order to make a move on each of those girls. I don’t consider what i did as a relapse because i have not seen hardcore pornograhic material however i have not masturbated, nor did orgasm. So it is harder and wierder at the same time…

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I had similiar experiences and trust me The Time Bomb Has Started, just a matter of time :bomb:
You gave keys of your house to the monster called URGE :smiling_imp:
He definately will come back and while it was at your house[your body] ; he has grown in size & strength because it feeded on your sexual energy. So be ready for it. The more you feed it the stronger he becomes.

One day he will become so big that no matter what you think, no matter what you do. He will have you. It will suck your all energy like a mango and leave you in tragedy & pain. RELAPSE

So; you might ask now; HOW TO STOP IT ?
i have told the same thing to my friend @pierretomas18
He was on around Day 12 i guess. When he feeded Urge. That was step 1 of relapse. So i told him that it is very hard to not proceed to step 2 . Only 10 % of nofappers can make it out of this trouble in which you are. WHAT HAPPENED TO PIERE TOMAS ? He lived for 8 more days i mean he relapsed after 8 days. He can explain it better to you. He involved in sexual fantasy & day dreaming. You should take a lesson from him in this matter.

I suggest you Get back to basics, that is NO WATCHING PORN, the thing you listened on youtube is also porn because it sucks your sexual energy, even sexual thoughts should be avoided at any cost because they can make you crazy

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