Relapse because of flatline

After 35 day I lost intrest in everything so I relapsed can’t think clearly can’t focus on study Feeling empty hopeless …I know this is flatline phase but this is Worst feeling of the world Guys Whenever I Want to make a big Streak flatline hits me badly too much anxiety depression anxious etc …still not feeling well…help me ! & share your flatline experience here


There’s no such phase as flatline,it is just some cooked up terms by nofap community. At biological level your brain is fighting against craving and making you its slave. When I crossed 30+ days streak I also started to loose interest in nofap… Don’t listen to your brain. It’s a just a tug of war between physiological brain and your intelligence. I don’t need to tell which you want to win over. Although I never crossed 90+ days,I deliberately relapsed myself after crossing 40 days because the frequency of night fall had been increased,and I was feeling very lethargic throughout that day when I had night fall. So I stated focusing on how to control night fall


Wtf is flatline . And guys I completed 2 days ,but I’m looking at porn , how to stop it

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