Relapse and New to the App

Hi all.
I’m new to this app. For a year I’ve been struggling to break my addiction and was clean for two months. I got rid of another app I had because I thought I was doing okay. I’ve relapsed twice in two weeks with school and stress, and I am upset that I had to install a new app to help me (this one). I’m kind of just trying to figure out how things work on here?
My best streak is 68 days.


It’s quite simple… There’s a message board where you can post and people can update or downvote… And you’ve found your way over to the forum… Here you can join challenges, make a confession, or make a challenge of your own as I have!! There’s free range here as long as you don’t post anything that will trigger i.e. women… Hope this helps! Ask any questions if you have anything specific in mind!!!


Same I’m also new to this app I relapsed yesterday for no reason. Welcome to this app bro it’s good.

Thanks for explaining!

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