Relapse after seeing my ex

It is becoming horrible. Everytime I see my ex I have a huge tendency to relapse and feel pathetic. I tried just avoiding her but it is inevitable to see her once per week at least.
Any advice about what J can do would be really helpfull its setting me back for a while now.


Do you both study/work in the same place?


Yes, unfortunately and its making me go crazy.


Just ignore her. She is not special as you think. I experienced the same situation. Trust me, she is not a special person as it feels to you now. Accept the fact that even if you live with her for some time you will definitely get bored with her. Accept the fact that she will die one day, so when you know she will die one day, WHY NOT accept it today that she is already dead? Tell me WHY NOT.
Tell me anything unique about her, I bet you can’t even tell me one thing.

Even if you get back her into your life, and If you can’t let go of attachment, she would definitely let go of you at some point.It would happen anyways.

SHE is not the oxygen, You CAN live without her dude. She is not special. Tell this to yourself. You are a king who doesn’t need a queen to be the king of your own kingdom.

And I would like to ask you, are you looking for a relationship now or you will never commit to anyone from now?


You are just amazing. I feel valued again. Its true she never was special. I dont know how to thank you but I wish you break free of this habit forever and you will because you are great. :shushing_face:


I am already free from PMO now. I will continue the same till my death :coffin:. I wish you break free from PMO too. Let’s do this. :fire:And brother, NEVER EVER KILL YOURSELF FOR A GIRL. There are literally billions of girls on the planet. Out of all these, your ex is no special person at all. I guarantee that. Just delete everything related to her from your phone.

Always remember, thoughts quickly change an opinion towards a person than emotions. Today, you like this girl, tomorrow you saw something in her and you think what a terrible girl she is BUT emotions take some time to change opinion towards her. But for sure, one day, you will completely forget her, just don’t consciously remind yourself about her. If thoughts about her come in your mind, don’t resist it, just understand why this thought is poking you.

Have you ever heard of Redpill/MGTOW stuff?


I am really happy for you. I am on the way wait for me because I am definately joining you soon in the glory. No what is Redpill/MGTOW?


MGTOW - Men Going Their Own Way.
MGTOW is an online community of men also called as manosphere. It’s all about opting out of both short term and long term relationships because mgtow learned all the risks of marrying or dating a woman. Because there is little to none benefits for men in dating and marriage. As a matter of fact, 9 out of 10 times, your marriage would end in divorce and which will lead you to lose half of your hard earned shit to your (ex)wife.

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OMFG excuse my language but I have been looking for men with this mindset for AGES. Please I want be part of it because I 100% hands down agree.


Have you sent me request on Instagram? What’s your Instagram username?