Relapse After 5 days

I am so disappointed in myself first i gt bad marks for my Exams than i watched pmo while msturbating. :sob: After 5 days and 11 hrs.


Bro, can I ask you how long have you been in this?
I mean relapse and no fap?
How long has it been since you found no fap and are trynna quit?

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5 days is 500% more than 1 day. Think of how you’ve progressed since the beginning!
I guess you did this out of stress and tension, well, it happens, we are humans after all and emotions drive us crazy. Just think of it as a fresh start. Spotless start! Isn’t that amazing!!!? By the way, are you done with your exams or do you have more left?

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Well i have been thinking about it since start of year but have been to addicted to try.

Thank you so much you have no idea how much this means to me, and yes we are done with Exams so no its juat about getting marks. I am so scared for my report because i was msturbating instead of studying so i did do so well.

Bro, if you haven’t explored the forum, made more friends, gotten more knowledge about how to stop, what happens when you’re on your streak, how you should tackle urges and stuff bro then I’m telling you, you need to start gathering info and start working your ass off. Just start moving, like your 5 day streak and keep raising the bar

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Thanks bro so much​:heart::fist_right:

Bro, thanks isn’t everything we need. We need to get moving and do something…

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