Relapse after 2 days

Feeling very bad and sad.need help…


What I usually do in that case is asking myself couple questions:

  • What led to relapse?
  • How do I gonna prevent it?
  • What steps do I need to take to shift my thoughts into more healthy habits? Have I done EVERYTHING to cleanse my mind, strengthen my self discipline to be more prepared for moments of weakness?
  • What could I do instead demoralizing myself?
  • Do I have a plan for myself? Is my day organized? Am I consistent with my routine?

Make notes and treat relapse as lesson to learn from.


Thanks :i just set down to watch videos on YouTube but my shitty thoughts and brain leads me towards that stuff. Thanks again for your kind advice

It is never too late, unless you are dead
You have to be very strong at the first two to three weeks they are the hardest
Just say “no” to urges, as you mentionned in my post… Just pray to Allah and ask for help…
May God be with us.