Reinventing Myself (Starting Over)

It’s rounding closer and closer to half a year since I’ve been on this app. Here’s what I’ve achieved in my life since I started: I reached 25 days of NoFap, I got the girl I liked to like me back, and now we’re in a relationship, I’ve started drawing again, I’ve met so many cool people on this app, I’ve become a pretty big source of motivation for people, and I decided to reset my life with Christ, and start over. All of which are great, and I’m proud of my progress! Yet I still struggle with pornography addiction. I am taking a chance to completely restart. I’m hitting the giant tempting button under the glass that looks important. I’m hitting the start fresh option on rewire and I’m going to make a vow. I’ll record a bunch of NoFap videos and hopefully get to upload them. My new year starts now. So new resolution: NoFap for life, but one step at a time. I will write here along with my diary and share tips and ask questions along the way.

Tally ho! AHHHHHHHH -Spiderman


Go for it!!!. Reinvent yourself bro… Looking forward to a new you.


Deep breath. Here we go!


Yep, just go one day at a time. Focus on today. Forget past, forget future. Present day is your target everyday.


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