Refrain from all fantasies

Avoid downloading telegram at any cost. Avoid cuckold, incest, BBC etc. fantasies.
Your brain tries to trick you in to dopamine shortcut gain and leaves you dull. Its ok if you believe in GOD its ok if you do not believe SATAN or its ok if you are afraid of both :innocent: But, believe in your own self and Your urge to get dopamine through hook or crook. Just catch your thought and say with fun, "Hey i gotcha, you aint not getting me tricked again "… take it as a game.


Those porn genres are so disgusting, yet highly popular. How can a person be aroused by something like incest. Porn pollutes the soul a person and corrupts their mind. STAY THE F**K AWAY FROM PORN BY HOOK OR BY CROOK.


What is this BBC? @bondjems84

Big black cock. so basically a woman being fucked by black dude. a porn film gener.

I thought at first you were referring to the tv channel xD

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Okay :joy: