Refelction on the 85th day of my streak

Today I am on the 85th day of fighting against urges and PMO. It’s a great and hard journey that I think couldn’t continue it till now without Allah’s grace and the help of this community.
However, I am starting to experience stronge urges, I feel that I am in a continuous fight from the time I wake up till sleeping. I try to keep myself busy and productive, but still urges are present. I think things will be better, If I have a wet dream which is a physiological body process that gets rid of excess un-neceesary semen.
I am afraid that the streak may break in a moment of weakness, I try to keep the phone out of my room but pray for me guys. I don’t want to return to this sin or support this evil industry. I am trying really hard , I really hope to have my salvation and that Allah forgives me for my past sins.


I felt the same for a long time… But wet dreams doesn’t come when we want them to…

True… But you stayed this long, so you are strong enough… Believe in yourself…

Its totally true… Its a hard path to quit… But you held on, that’s amazing… Do find the strength and hold on more… Things will get easier ofcourse…


That’s awesome you have made it to day 85. :tada::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Remember, your journey is till halfway left. Set your goal to 180 days because statistics show that after 180 days, very few people Relapse.

After crossing 90 days people let their guard down and stop guarding their eyes from triggers. This is what I did and relapsed on day 101.

So remember, there is still journey left. You are halfway there. Don’t let your guard down. Stay strong. You can do it :muscle::fire::+1:


Guys. Remember my name.

Allah is my witness, I will rise above this filth.


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