Recon diary, I'm a slave want to get out from this thing

[21 M]

From past ten years I have been slave to this and no more. I feel guilty and regret myself after done.

From now, I am serious enough and I will achieve a good streak. My maximum was 4 days.

Motivate me and be with me. I’ll update date about my status. :slight_smile:

Day 1 :innocent:

Day 2 :hugs:


First of all, You are not a Slave.

You are a Master.
Start from here.

We are with you. You are a Winner.
Just Remember Yourself.


@RECONism you will achieve this … because the sound of painfull in your words describe this … you have nothing to waste after all of this suffer … your actions only which will rescue from this beating in your brain …
Think that you are the controller not a slave , be careful and be careful for each single word you said to yourself because it differs …
If you dootivation you will understand much more about you are the leader of your thoughts and all of us can but what differs to keep our resistance is timing that in time we lost control for many reasons ,
So stay appreciated and focus on your goals

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