Recommend your favourite chill music

Recommend me song (Hindi or English) which you hear when feel low and stressed or which fills you with joy​:relieved::relieved:.
Dildara(slowed +reverb) from textaudio lyrics

Apart from these I usually listen to ed Sheeran, Beatles , ac/dc and 21p

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Will listen to these …:fist_right::fist_right:

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Marc anthony - Vivir mi vida

(lyrics are pretty good - meaning why worry, why cry… Why suffer? For what? If it hurts bad, forget it. Lets live in the moment, keep moving forward and Start dreaming… I am gonna live my life, laugh, enjoy and dance…coz we only live once)

Bella ciao song

( it was adopted as an anthem for anti-fascism by Italians against germans… Its people saying ‘goodbye beautiful’ to their wives, telling to bury them in mountains and telling them that they are dying for freedom and , we are worried for what? For urges? Come on… There are people suffering worser!!)

Fight song - Rachel pattern ( its our fight to take back our life, and prove we are alright and we will be strong, it doesn’t matter if others believe or not but I have a lot of fight left in me… A small boat in an ocean can set big waves into motion)

Imagine dragons - Believer ( says pain is what breaks us down and builds us up… My life, my drive, my love came from pain… Translates failures are what creates successes, so dont be afraid of those failures)

Eminem - not afraid - ( Starting today, I am breaking out of this Cage and I will face my demons. Time to put my life back together now…I am not afraid to take a step, lets help others too along the way and walk the road together, also hollar if you feel like you have been the same down road…)

Sia- never give up ( I wont give up, I will keep getting up when I hit the ground, I will find my way home)

Sia-Titanium ( you shoot me down but I wont fall, I am titanium, I am bullet proof, nothing to loose, you take your aim)

Bon jovi - its my life ( I ain’t gonna live forever, its now or never, its my life and I will do it my way, tomorrow’s getting harder, make no mistake, luck ain’t even lucky, got to make your own breaks)

10,000 reasons, Christian song (On that day when my strength is failing, and my time has come, my soul will sing your praise because you rich in love and slow to anger)

A Christian song - What a friend we have in Jesus ( just pray, he is faithful, he will shield you and you will find solace)

Will keep adding as I remember… :+1:


Woah…All are new for me .
I listened sia’s song tho.they give me strength.
I wanted chill music but these are also gold


This is pretty chill and it helped me during an urge to stay on the path


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