Really need a companion that can help me and I can help

Hello. My name is Miguel. I have been fighting this addiction for 5 years, but I have just now started with Rewire. I want a companion because I know for a fact I cannot do this alone. It is hard for me to tell anyone I know physically about this topic. It is one of the only parts of my life where I feel alone, and the addiction is dragging my life to a horrendous state. I really want someone to keep me accountable and help me through this process. I am also willing to help anyone and try to be there constantly. Thank you.
Sharing code - s2y2b2

Current streak - 2 days
Highest streak - 2 days

Bro come to “basic reboot group” u will find many companions there who can help you, just post ur sharing code there and tell them to add you

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wh2fbj my sharing code. …
Dont worry everything is going to be alright …

So nice to have you heres mine–hd3ck3

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Added you brother…
My highest streak was 71 days… Badly wishing to get there

ls2nc2 added you too

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