Realisation of my mistake

Hi everyone,

I have a confession to tell. In the past months, I achived a streak, that I had never before. It was 58 days. Than I failed. One touch was enough to fail but this was not the main reason why I relapsed.
I was not able to realise what did I do wrong and this weakened me. So I did few day streak but never fellt strong enough like before. This was a devastating month for me after the 2 good months I had.
Today it hit me like a lightning. It finally became clear.
Before I relapsed a thought appeared in my mind. In the last days of my streak, that nothing is changing anymore. I had benefits trough the streak but the last days were like that. This thought was my mistake. It grew into doubt about my journey and about my achievements. It weakened my faith.
Now, finally I learned from my failure and feel like I can start again. I tell you guys this, so you can learn from my mistake and go further. Don’t let the doubt grow in your mind. Your change is unstopable! Never doubt it.


Bro , if u feel urges , look back from where u have come and it’s a single relapse that will take u back to the beginning… U should have this thought while feeling urges … It has helped me sometimes to avoid relapse…