Ready for challenge ? (30 days)

Hi guys, after some time I am back and I want to get back on the track with you and your help.
My personal best was 14 day so lets go pump those numbers up to 30 ! Lests go beat this together ! Every fighter is welcome !

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Why I want a companion - after couple of relapses i want companions to give me power to get back on the track.

So new start is here with Day 1. I am full of positive power. Cleared my mind from urges, pictures, visions and set clear goal (30 days- no porn and no masturbation). I stopped explaining to my head why watch, why its OK, and all other bullshit! It is NOT ok! I want to get out of this rollercoaster a focus on my life, hobbies, friends and sports. I will try post every day -my experience and feelings. Usualy the most hard part for me always was 7-10 day. The main urge starter is (hunger, stress from work). If you want, write down your starters, feeling or everything what is on your mind or heart.

Hi, I’m ready for a challenge. My personal best is 8 days and I want to quit this habit that has haunted me for over 8 years. I’m currently on a 1 day 14 hr streak. I’m ready to go 30 days!
Location- IN
Age- 21 M
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Welcome InquisitiveMind, I am glad that you joined me ! I added you

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Thanks Johnny! I added you too! Let’s beat this compulsive behaviour together!

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I’m ready for this 30 day challenge! :v:

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Hi peacelover, welcome to the challenge. I added you. Lets make it together !

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Hi Deepak, I think that you should try bigger chalenges like 100 days. Good job with 35 day streak and keep it up.

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Hi Jain, welcome to the challenge. I added you. Together we are stronger !

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So day 1 is behind me. Urge is much weaker, you challengers, nice weather and cleare goal and mind gives me power. Day 2 here we go !

Hey there
I’m gonna give it a serious try too this time. I’m tired of relapses. I’d like to join on your journey to 30 days.
Location : Slovakia
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Hi Jake, You are welcome ! I added you, We will keep motivated together :+1:

Change this from ‘Finding a Companion’ to ’ Accountability Group’ or else it will close in 3 days.

Also sign me up!

b6d2fb Day 4

Hi Mr.DryEyes,
welcome to the challenge! I added you and changed the group.

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