Ready for a long streak.-200+ days. Starting from 12 dec

I want to become a man again, a person again.
So let’s do it. Let’s show the world , the confident us.

Sharing code - q2wnau *

Current streak - 9days *
Highest streak - 99days *
Age - 20
Gender - M
Location - IN

Why I want a companion - because we can help each other



1.Pingpong1 day-2 code-q2wnau
2.JumpingBuddha day-2. Code- s1jc5f
3.Kaizen day 2. Code-elmade

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I have a target of 150+ days let’s see if I can take it to 200+! That would be so awesome!! Let’s do this bro

I’m In.

Current Streak: 43 Days

Count on me too,

Current streak 39, my highest was around 150 days (stopped counting to daily after a while :grin:)

Code: cyi1m5

Dude that was great for the streak. Sorry before for my broken english, im from indonesia.
May i know beside the mind that you train for that streak, what your best advice and the one that you do to avoid relapse ?

Great. Let’s do it…

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Greater the target greater the achievements. Let’s do it brother…

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Yes brother. this tym I will again try to cross my limits. Because I want to be free from this hell once for all now.
I hope you feel the same

Bro. Practice with pro people’s. Join this improvement challenge and forget about porn. Gaurd your eyes. Stay away from every sexual insta, too hot girl etc etc​:sweat_smile::sweat_smile:
I hope you understand. firstly join the challenge then you will see the changes and advices from people to be motivated. Let’s become a real human now…bro

Sounds like a plan. Count me in. I want to get rid of this problem very much. To 200 days and many more!!

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Brothers you all can share your codes and let’s start this challenge from today .
I am from India and this is morning this tym so I may be typing it on your midnight :sweat_smile::joy: but still let’s start it

That’s so nice to hear. But what is highest streak bro

Current streak: 0

Highest streak : 52

Gender : F

Location : India

Code :zw5ud1

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Highest streak and sharing code bro

Welcome shakshi… A girl doing brahmchrya is no less than Shakti herself. …

@Taher @Taher_Alt please a scoreboard

My highest streak so far has been 19 days unfortunately. But I have a feeling about thos app and team.
My sharing code is - mcxswe

19 days is enough to get a feel of how hard it is going to be.
But with the help of other person or God we can cross our limits. Welcome to this challenge bro

Thank you, brother. I agree, these days will not be easy. But I’m determined. I will be honest with myself. I will avoid anything that is tempting.
With God’s help, I can overcome this.

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