Reading(need some help)

Hello, people!
Bragi has a problem, Bragi is hyperactive. He cant usually focus on one thing for long and reading becomes really hard. But I really want to read, cause years ago I used to read a lot! I loved books and I love them now also. I want to be a history teacher, so I have to read a lot, but cant keep my focus on it. Any tips please? I really want that profession, I love history but its so hard to get into a book, smh.

Have you looked at ADHD, usually people with ADHD have problems focusing on stuff. I have ADHD myself.

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I mean yeah… i do. I also call it hyperactivity. It’s not nice, but as a kid I could read easily. Btw, I dont want my adhd to go. It makes me who I am.

Apart from medication, meditation usually helps

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Well, thank you! I guess I’ll have to try it again, but its hard. But yeah… gotta do it.