Reached Day 20🔥

I have crossed 20 days… But the urges are killing me…

My fellow rebooters… Please give me your energy, i would like to kill urge with a final blow :fire::fire:

One question too…

Can we judge our journey on the size of your testicles, after the nightfall it has shrinked…


Kill the urges with the cyberpunk trailer music and some workout :sunglasses::muscle:t4: does the job for me

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Remember one thing, you have to survive this week,
On january 1, 2021 you will be proud of yourself,


Judge your journey on the basis of Clean 3 months that means no peeking, edging.

Use this willpower & energy to do better in your field.

Dont let the mind stuck in balls.
Grow size of your biceps, instead of balls.

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Thanks , i have completed 20 days without pmo. Life is good but the battle with urges are going on.

I will surely defeat this​:fire::fire::fire:


20*days here as well. :muscle: @StealthChopperinbond
Wishing you a merry Christmas and stay strong :evergreen_tree:

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