Ravitej's dairy

Good evening guys currently on day 25. Getting intensive urges last 2 days like usually we get on day 3-5. I may lose control at anytime but I wont submit so easily. I am going running almost everyday about 2.4 KM but sometime i take breaks to recover injured knee. My workout performance has collapsed (20pushups+20 squats +20 crunches)×5rounds to 3 rounds thats a sad news. & running is improved to 0km to 2.4km . I am on vacation so Usually I spend my time playing pc games but today was different somehow I read paper & 3 pages of econamics. Its not huge improvement but I believe something is always better than nothing & it helped me to build habits. Another thing is I am losing my emotions day by day feeling numb its may be because giving lot of physical presure on body & A quote i usually i use myself that “It doesn’t affect me at all”. Only I can say developed few habits good habits like
1)cold shower twice a day
4)boiling 2 egg’s white at morning & 2 omelette at light.
5)taking 8 hours sleep daily
6)reading something about 2-10 page.


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