Ravitej's dairy male 18(sad story)9th april 2k18 1.30am

Currently on day 14 almost about to end. Last 3 days were hard. Countered every urge last 2 week. Another thing is I am on flatline & depressed so missed my workout & running. I was decided its ok to give up sometime 2 days ago but i was wrong. I am so private that i wasn’t informed my dog was died 10 days ago which is the only I ever cared. I am going to back to my routine life hardcore evening. I made 2 bullshit tasks today that i entered dating site i couldn’t control myself but luckily i realized that i really done one of the most embarrassing job ever i did. Soon deleted those sites which was my last relapse cause how could i be so stupid??? Bros triggers are everywhere. Even a hot girls going to my trigger i will hate entire girls because nothing is more important self improvement as tyrion said there is always price to everything. now days even I feel nothing, girls seems object which created to distract my goals. Pleasures are distraction so keep in that mind.my view could be very negative & insensitive. It takes time to understand.
Things I learnt that we have to keep pushing even when we are feeling empty
Things happen for universal balance.
Sugar is my enemy it kills routine & promotes depression
Music is great way to beat depression
Emotional eating helps a lot for reducev depression

Today’s goals :fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire:
8hour sleep
Saitama workout (except running )
2km running
Mobile usage less than 1 hour.
Living more independent life.
No sugar
Computer class

Have nice day friends
Getting one step closer to be sigma male

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