Ravitej'S 19 Dairy

I am on day 8 & getting strong erections morning & night now it is not easy to survive urges when you frequently relapsed. I am getting out of comfort zone by traveling alone first time for infinity war & I felt nurvous but finally somehow managed. you can imagine a guy almost spent his time in a room reading & watching youtube videoes all the time. It’s getting harder day by day which is good challenge. currently I control my pleasures very well like playing games for limited time. naturally i wanted to read books. i got my phobias back since last relapse but today i fought with my lovely phobia which is gecko smashed it out. waking up in the morning with complete rested feeling is good. i get attracted towards girls but i show middle finger to my heart by saying dont get fucked you already had many experiences. another thing is i easily feel intensive pleasure by small things like a icecream i never thought that that it can be so pleasureful. i was off from exercise for 3 days due to traveling. all we need to keep ourself busy in living healthy lifestyle. todays goal is to saying to pmo that " it’s not easy to fool me twice"


Soon I’ll be on day 8. I’m just anxious after reading about others having relapses on 8th or 10th or 15th most of the time. It’s so common.


Successfully I survived 20 days. Routine was collapsed. There was a terrible flatline somehow games helped me. Strength is regained which was gained through 97 days streak which reduced because of 13 relapses within week. Let me tell you one thing that if you think you can maintain healthy masturbation habits it is impossible as per my experience. Keep moving no matter what. Stay away from fucking people who thinks it’s healthy.Is Our hands purpose of evolution is to masturbate???I think no. Instead of dick hold a page paper. Shake the ideas & concepts in your brain.


I wanna Punch in the Face of Doctors and internet websites " who things masturbation is healthy"


I died :joy::joy::joy::grin::grin:
Very true


1)Women clothes when I see. Its weird but i do on advertising on youtube. Most time happens because of this shit. Very Important
2)when I am alone at home. Rarely
3)on flatline. Twice happened since i know about nofap.
4)when I read about sexual content . This is the main fucking reason. Most of times happened

I keep some rules in mind
1)privacy is not allowed when urge comes(keeping doors open)
2)raising dopamine levels
3)socializing more
4)cold showers I miss them. Water get warm until get awake :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:11.pm
5)not edging
6)avoiding girls interaction. fucking thier voice makes me relapse
7)no sex chats
8)urge is temporary so it will fade away
9)running its helps alot.
11)being alert on hours
12)not reading about sexual content. Very important.
13)saying yourself not today


Good evening guys currently on day 25. Getting intensive urges last 2 days like usually we get on day 3-5. I may lose control at anytime but I wont submit so easily. I am going running almost everyday about 2.4 KM but sometime i take breaks to recover injured knee. My workout performance has collapsed (20pushups+20 squats +20 crunches)×5rounds to 3 rounds thats a sad news. & running is improved to 0km to 2.4km . I am on vacation so Usually I spend my time playing pc games but today was different somehow I read paper & 3 pages of econamics. Its not huge improvement but I believe something is always better than nothing & it helped me to build habits. Another thing is I am losing my emotions day by day feeling numb its may be because giving lot of physical presure on body & A quote i usually i use myself that “It doesn’t affect me at all”. Only I can say developed few habits good habits like
1)cold shower twice a day
4)boiling 2 egg’s white at morning & 2 omelette at light.
5)taking 8 hours sleep daily
6)reading something about 2-10 page.


I miss those days. I will try today the things which i was doing at my 25th day. Lets see if my body can take it.


Good going Ravi.
Don’t give in !


Currently on day 14 almost about to end. Last 3 days were hard. Countered every urge last 2 week. Another thing is I am on flatline & depressed so missed my workout & running. I was decided its ok to give up sometime 2 days ago but i was wrong. I am so private that i wasn’t informed my dog was died 10 days ago which is the only I ever cared. I am going to back to my routine life hardcore evening. I made 2 bullshit tasks today that i entered dating site i couldn’t control myself but luckily i realized that i really done one of the most embarrassing job ever i did. Soon deleted those sites which was my last relapse cause how could i be so stupid??? Bros triggers are everywhere. Even a hot girls going to my trigger i will hate entire girls because nothing is more important self improvement as tyrion said there is always price to everything. now days even I feel nothing, girls seems object which created to distract my goals. Pleasures are distraction so keep in that mind.my view could be very negative & insensitive. It takes time to understand.
Things I learnt that we have to keep pushing even when we are feeling empty
Things happen for universal balance.
Sugar is my enemy it kills routine & promotes depression
Music is great way to beat depression
Emotional eating helps a lot for reducev depression

Today’s goals :fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire:
8hour sleep
Saitama workout (except running )
2km running
Mobile usage less than 1 hour.
Living more independent life.
No sugar
Computer class

Have nice day friends
Getting one step closer to be sigma male

Do you have control over your sleep … i mean how would you make sure to get 8 hrs of sleep ?
I am taking sleeping pills so help me to quit them.

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I think the sleep is best effort. Meaning that enough time is reserved for sleep and good sleep practice is observed: no bright screens at night and so. More difficult cases may require more advanced measures.

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What advance measures ?

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If there is a medical condition, it may require a medical professional. I am not qualified to comment on these.

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Hahaahahaha. Doctors are thug in india. I shall treat me on my own with the power of all mighty that has been in me.


Go for walk before sleep that will help a lot. I go to bed at 2am anycost even i have energy or exhausted no excuse to sleep before that.then i leave bed when i completely lose morning sleep pleasure.

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Currently I am on day 10. League of champions competition & badges are helping me a lot to keep me motivated. Today was little different because I manged to say no to sweets even I love them a lot . I got wetdream in the morning & i was happy because all sexual tension released. Sensitivities increased in that area. I am feeling much more musculine compared to last few days. This keystone habit is showing results. I am reading little bit everyday. Last 2 weeks were most unproductive weeks ever I lived due to relapsed. I will hit infinite streak this time & get my super powers back when I was at 90+ days. I opened facebook after 3 months & unfriended all the people who I dont know personally in results i got beautiful contents read watch which are related tech , health & simple hacks. I learnt lot of things like staying dirty makes your immune system stronger, vision glasses for blind people, lowspace furniture, one amazing ludo & amazing arts which are undeniably extremely amazing.

My days are improving slowly. Nothing is worse than when you lose your good habits which took you months to build. I am going to rebuild them. This streak (day15) is going to write in my biography cause there are no relapses in future. Each day will be counted as today & goal is to not relapse today. After 10 days I restarted exercise it was really fucking hard to hit 100pushups 100squats 100 situps & I gave up today on 80-80-80. My body was so heavily damaged that fatigue lasted for 3 hours because I was weak.

I am on day 19. It’s night I am getting strong urges but I can resist them. I quit sugar few days ago It’s showing results. I ran about 2 km today after 10 days due to unable to get back. I didn’t exercised today at night. I used less mobile today comapared to yesterday which is about 3:44 hours it’s almost half to compared to daily activity. I read lots of posts in this forum. today I acted very insensitive like an asshole. I read newspaper today. I got distracted at night wasted all my time on GTA 4

Bro your counter is showing that you are relapsed